This song is about the sound of a female DJ's voice - and all of the mastery and allure of knowing her only by her voice.


In Love With Her Voice
She wakes me up with that lazy Southern drawl
And I love to hear her say “it’s time to get up y’all”
Her voice like honey drips so sweet and slow
Out of the speakers of my alarm clock radio

She navigates my morning drive to work
With traffic reports and the daily dish of dirt
80 degrees with a chance of rain today
yeah I’m hanging on to every word she has to say

She speaks to me in a frequency that really turns me on
Don’t touch that dial she drives me wild with her sexy lady tone
I don’t need to know what she looks like
That’s a mystery by choice
Cause I am just in love with her voice

My closest friends, think that I’m obsessed
Cause I call the station with a hundred song requests
But all I really want is to get her on the phone
I get the butterflies when she finally says HELLO!


Ain’t no strings attached, she keeps me company
The perfect girl for me
I could turn her on or tune her out anytime I please

Well I think I might have seen at the Piggly Wiggly here in town
She was standing right in front of me when I heard that familiar sound
I turned away and didn’t ask her name I really don’t want to know
Lord have mercy – she had a face for radio!
She just might be three feet wide, lacking grace and poise
I don’t care cause I really love her voice!