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  1. No More Secs

This is a tune inspired by a skit on the 70's/80's TV show "Hee Haw". Driving guitars and a killer backbeat are the heart of the track. The lyrics channel the spirit of Jerry Reed's humorous songs.


No More Secs
4:59 and the it’s quitting time, I’ve been waiting all day long
I got a date tonight at 6:05 with a woman who’s waiting at home
the kids are gone and we’ll be all alone, so we ain’t got to be discrete
But when I get home, she’s on the phone and I’m thinking she’s ignoring me
so I motioned we should go upstairs, she winked at me and then she said... just a sec ...okay.....
well now..
Like I expected, just one second is now twelve hundred and two
I thought by now we’d be turning down the lights to set the mood
She’s off the phone at 8:01 and I’m thinking here’s our chance
But she broke a nail taking off my belt, and that’ll kill any good romance
She buttoned up her cotton dress turned away and I heard her say...just a sec ...just a sec ... no, baby please no more...
No more secs I’ve had all I can stand
I can’t wait all night, so have mercy on this man Just a sec, hang on a sec, you ain’t done yet? Baby please
no more secs
what I meant to say is it’s hard to wait when there’s loving on my mind
I’m a patient man but you can understand that this ain’t how I planned tonight All this waiting, anticipating is getting to my head
So I think I’ll go and take a cold shower and get in bed
She was folding socks at half past one
I yelled downstairs “would you just come on?!!”
....just a sec
2am and we’re in the bed, our moment is finally here
I should have known something was wrong
when she stopped in the middle of a kiss and asked “did I leave the iron on?”
Oh Lord — CH
No more secs I’ve had all I can stand
Have a little mercy on, the urges of a man (or have a little mercy girl - on the urges of your man) Just a sec, hang on a sec, you still ain’t finished yet?
Baby please
no more secs